Large Mass Media Company: Ticketing tool Automation

Revenue: $13 Billion
Worlds Top 10 Mass Media Company
11,200 Employees Worldwide

Automation Of Ticketing Tool
Add Or Remove The Group From Respective Application
Update The Ticket With Proper Worknotes
Change The Status To Resolved

Ticketing: Service Now
Tools Used: AFTE, MS Excel, Email
Incident: SNOW

Multiple Request Given In Spread Sheet (Attached In Ticketing Tool), For Which BOT Completed Action
If Short Description Is Incomplete Or Template Empty BOT Will Update State As “Open” And Assign Back To “RG-Service Desk” And Trigger An Email To SD (L1) & TSA Team For Correction / Manual Work.
Here The Automation Has 3 Bots/ Modules Indexing, Add/Remove, Update. Indexing Will Dump
The Data Into DBMS The Add/Remove Bot Will Pick The Data From Database And It Will Add Or Remove
Depending Upon The Case And Update Bot Will Update With Proper Work Notes To Respective
Ticket Under Respective User.

Successfully Deployed The BOTs Into Production
Perform Additional Support As Part Of Continuous Improvement Program
Adding Another Modules

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